Till now the world of Electric Outlets hasn’t changed much until Node Electric Outlet came.

Node Electric Outlet

Developed by :

These are developed by Metaphys japan . It is a company which is mainly known for new innovative products and especially the designs of their products are very unique.

Node Electric Outlet

This  node outlet can be solution for problem for many people who are struggling for multiple power outlets .

And these outlets have LED’s which glow when the power is on and available.Even though the design looks great but the utility of it is undeniable. We can easily use 5 strips on it.

Node electric outlet

But the disappointing thing is ,it is only compatible with non polarised electronical systems and non grounded plug equipped devices .That means we can’t use anywhere outside of Japan. The design is specifically developed for the Japan power grid. Hope they develop some more for other systems too .
IMAGES : Metaphys japan


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