Now a days all the fields are  subjected automation.  And the driving is not the exception. Automobiles companies like TeslaAudi , BMWLucid motors and many more already playing their part in it ..

Techmagazinegroup autonomous cars

Why so much interest in it 

Well the reasons for it :

  • First and for most is to reduce the effort of driving.
  • To reduce the accidentally caused by human mistakes.

Techmagazinegroup autonomous cars

How the autonomous cars works

Before explaining let us consider a car . I like Tesla model s . Let’s talk about the autonomous feature in it .

Basically it is used to park the car in the garage which Tesla calls summoning.

Telsa promised it will get the autonomous feature in future.

Basically autonomous is all about sensors, cameras, radars, detectors…

The above picture explains how each sensors covers the space around the car. Monitors each and everything around the car .

Techmagazinegroup autonomous carsIt has two cameras up front just above the front glass which covers the front area long range and wide range.

There are cameras attached to the rear view mirrors which helps in side view vision.

Images : Tesla



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