After almost a year of note 7 or aka the bomb announcement and its huge blast inthe market Samsung trying to introduce refurbished note7 into the market for their fans with the name FAN EDITION.

Note 7 FE TMG

After  hearing this first thing comes to mind is does they changed anything.


   As far as the processor goes,it won’t change much except in the battery department (definitely ?). The display is the same you will get S Pen and its tricks. May be they will change the camera little bit . And yes you will have finger print sensor up at the front ?

Should we buy:

Well we have less than two months for note 8 to come and I really don’t know why Samsung came up with this (may be they want to change the name of note 7 from bomb to note 7 ?).

Note 7 FE TMG


Well it is priced around $799 . I don’t know who will buy this.

At present this is available in only Korea , south Korea guys , North Korea have already many bombs ??.we will note 7 FE will hit the other markets very soon .

Images : (droidholic)


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